Digital Business Card Pro

Digital business card pro features:
• Send emails directly from your business email account.
• Lead Capture with best Marketing converting form.
• Add booking option, so your customer can book your services.
• Get a custom search engine results on Google, Bing, yahoo with your name EXP:
• Google analytics integration QR Tracking Testimonials,
• Contact me (visitors can send messages Direct from your DBC pro).
• Add portfolio.
• Video Embed.
• Promote your mobile app.
• receive payment.
Digital Business Card Pro benefits:
• DBC Pro saves you time and money: Save money and skip the hassle of designing and ordering paper business cards and create branded business cards for every employee with DBC Pro.
• Target leads more efficiently: Whenever you shake a hand DBC Pro is working for you by collecting who you met, where you met, and a piece of contact information to remember them by. Long Turnarounds? Not with Haystack…: Deploying branded digital business cards across your entire organization is quick and easy. Employees can use their new cards in seconds.
• Supporting Your Modern Brand Image: Stand out and drive more traffic to your social channels. Convey a consistent, modern and innovative message to your new business leads.
• Share with Anyone, Update Everyone: Anyone can receive your employees’ digital card, even if they don’t have the app. Any changes to employees’ details get updated directly on other people’s devices.
• Ecological: Protect the environment by reducing your paper consumption
• Multiple Languages (ARABIC & ENGLISH).
• Share your information in multiple languages automatically.