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We don’t really mean “leads”. We mean jobs, contracts, sales — more business basically.

No deposit. You pay after you have received the lead call, and we have reviewed them to either approve the lead for invoicing or to improve our targeting for your leads.

All calls are live calls transferred directly to your business.

We can have you up and receiving calls in as little as 2 days.

We will set up a forward tracking number specific to your business that you will receive the lead calls on.

You will receive an email notification for any leads that we send you, along with a recording of the call in the email for you to review

We review calls weekly with you to determine what calls were a good lead or not.

Our Pay Per Lead services deliver effective qualified leads that are based specifically on performance. Whether you are looking to pay for a lead, a call, a client show or a sale…we can create a performance-based marketing model that will work for you. We are a integrated digital marketing agency that specializes in using proprietary techniques to generate the most highly targeted and pre-qualified leads at scale.

If you’re running a business that relies on a consistent and regular flow of leads for your sales team, you’ll already know how hard it can be to deliver a steady stream of prospects who are ready to buy. And you’re probably used to being offered leads where the supplier over promises and under delivers.

That’s why we’ve changed the model.

We let business owners focus on their business, service or product by taking the whole process of generating leads off their hands. Leaving you to sell your offer, close leads and make sales.

Selecting an lead generation agency

Scalable Leads Wouldn’t it be great to have a machine that produces high quality enquiries on demand, whenever you need them? Scale up or scale back your lead flow for any reason, at any time.

Education First

​Some of Our prospects are fed up with the same old marketing techniques . That’s why we at WEDIGITAL use a different approach that gives them information that solves their problems and builds desire for your service.


​We tap into demographic and psychographic big data across a variety of social media and other platforms to place ads for right audience for your business and are able to predict those most likely to convert.

Real Time Leads

​When  campaigns generate pre-qualified leads real time response its mandatory  to pass the lead contact details to in real time.

Our Pay Per Lead Process

We specialize in delivering a consistent flow of the very best quality, pre-qualified and ready to buy leads to B2C and B2B businesses.


Buyer Begins the Search

Pay Per Lead Services begin with a generic search. 71% of B2B decision makers begin their buying research with a generic search, and we prepare our landing pages and search presence to appear in the searches you’re targeting.


Buyer Explores Your Microsites

Your prospective buyer explores the microsites and/or landing pages we set up for your company.


Captures Leads for Your Company

At WEDIGITAL. we capture leads for your company by driving qualified traffic to specific landing pages. The prospective buyer completes a web form to request a consultation from your business.


Real-time Lead Delivery

The prospective buyer fits your qualifications and has committed to discussing your product or service.


instant Response

We’ll ensure you get the lead in real-time so that you can contact the lead post-qualification–which means they’re more likely to become an opportunity.


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