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WEDIGITAL. has proven itself as one of the premier advertisers on many major social media and Pay Per Click Platforms. We help clients in nearly every vertical and are the solution for you and your team.

Selecting an Pay Per Show Agency

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the core of what we do at A WEDIGITAL performance marketing service. We have specialists in Google PPC, Facebook™ Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads and more. This is where our process starts and allows us to deliver measurable results to our clients.


ensure that all leads are properly qualified before being delivered to you by either live transfer or appointment directly on your calendar.

Appointments Setting

Out team will book appointments for you either through the services of a live transfer or a 15 minute phone appointment directly on your calendar. Our system directly ties into your calendar so we never double book a time and you are always available.

Follow Up

Our system will follow up with people automatically who are not quite ready to move forward with your services. Additionally, we will also reach out after your scheduled call to ensure you, or someone from your team, was able to get in contact at the scheduled time.


WEDIGITAL.  Inbound Sales Team is our in-house CRM solution that is provided to each and every client. Here you will be able to see your business communication, opportunities, pipeline, and more. This solution keeps you in control with a limited and easy to use dashboard for ease of use.

Qualified Showing

WE DIGITAL. Pay-Per-Show model is based on qualified showing. This means the person you have spoken to was qualified by our team, spoke directly to you, or someone on your team, and met the criteria that you are looking for in your potential clients.

Our Pay Per Show Process

Want to know what to expect from WEDIGITAL.?


Audience & Market Research

We will do audience and market research to ensure we are targeting your ideal prospective customer.


Ad Setup

WE DIGITAL. creative team will begin to craft ads using both photos provided, photos taken, stock photos, and video(s) that will eventually become your advertising.


RETARGETING AD CREATION Retargeting & Ads Optimization

We will begin to optimize your messaging for those people who have come to your page and not purchased your product or service and those who have already purchased.


Campaign Buildout

Once we have the advertisements designed, we will then build out your entire campaign in the respective ad manager. This will be neatly constructed to get best understanding of our goals and objectives.



We will connect our advertising, campaigns, and CRMs so that the process of lead to contact is seamless. This allows you to be more hands off until a lead warms up and is ready to more forward.


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